Monday, August 10, 2009

Hungry For More Than Food

Ahhh!!! Too much to write! Too many ideas! Too fast! Too many exclamation points!

I went to ComiCon 2009! It was fantastic. I geeked out in ways other geeks could only dream of geeking out. I was with awesome people that always bring happiness into my little cog life. Good stuff. And yes, I will be changing my picture soon to illustrate another year of ComiCon down. But I came back from ComiCon with another emotion other than joy...

I came back hungry.

No. Not food (but I was starved as well). But hungry to be more than a fan going to this convention. I would talk to these creators that I love and respect, and wish OH HOW I WISHED that I had an example of my own work to give to them. I have, and I'm not kidding, over 70 story ideas. God that sounds f**king arrogant, but let me break it down so you realize that I'm just a sad little man with sad little man dreams.

70+ Story Ideas
30 Decent Ideas
10 Good Ideas
5(?) Great Ideas

So where the heck is some proof? Where the heck is the evidence that I do more than dream and wish? Not much. And I'm tired of that. Will my ideas and stories sell?

I. Have. No. Friggin'. Idea.

But I have so many creative, amazing, talented, awesome, wonderful friends. I can ask for their help. I can also take charge of my life and start crafting these dreams into something stapled together and drawn and hand it over to these people I'm such big fans of for once.

Tomorrow is happening. And I want a great tomorrow, darn it!