Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Annual Starbuxian Xmas Dinner (Vol. 9?)

You know you are in for an interesting start of the day when you spend the first few hours throwing out old magazines. It was boring. It was tedious. It was necessary. I apologize to the trees that watched their fallen brethern be turned into Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone.

Anyways, what's much more interesting about tonight is that it will be the next Annual Starbuxian Xmas Dinner. Is it the 9th? The 10th? I really don't know, which will make Victor shake his head to no end, I'm sure.

So I got my pretty clothes on and looked all spiffy. Black slacks, black dress coat, and an argyle sweater. Beard? Trimmed. Hair? Slightly less messy. Glasses? Sparkling. Smile? Even MORE sparkling.

I headed to Cerritos to catch up with Victor and Trick at It's A Grind. Trick was visiting from Japan for the holidays, and I missed the guy. So we talked as Victor did the finishing touches on a gift he was making for Nan, a cool lady and friend of ours. As the time got closer to the Xmas Dinner, I headed to Macaroni Grille at the Cerritos Town Center. Cap'n Josh was at the bar, so I chatted with him for a bit, before the rest of the crew showed up.


Nathan (me), Cap'n Josh, Victor, Trick, Justin, Quincy, Colin, Wes, Patrick M., Tiffany, Stephanie, Rob, Aria, Nan, Myles, Jaelle, Chirag, Justin C., Cianar, Kristian & Kristian's date, DougX, Ken, and Janey.

... am I forgetting anyone? I hope not.

The food at the Macaroni Grille was... not its best. It was pretty blah. After dinner, we gave out Secret Santa gifts (I got the movie Labrynth from Aria!), after which we headed to the Town Center for our "constitutional," which I'm sure is some old man term for shooting the breeze.

It was a great night, and helped to remind me why I love going to these annual events with friends. Especially the friends I haven't seen in a long time. UNTIL NEXT YEAR!

Topics of Conversation: Platonic boob shots, all of music, free art, fire would be nice, party poppers, the reason to like psychology, why we look nice, a wrong condom, fathers on the outs, Koreans that hate Koreans, couples straight from the 30's, new baby, my favorite is the Sophisticated Bear, etc.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 19th

I did some Christmas shopping, and then had lunch with Carissa. On my way home, I had car problems. DAMN IT. Other than the lunch, not a great day in 2010.