Sunday, August 14, 2011

Up and Running

The first thing I did today was drop off episode 10 ("Procrasterbation") of the Order of the Triad podcast at Bobby's! It was super early but it was the only way it was going to work with our hectic schedules. Bobby uploaded it to the limejuice site, though we talked a little about getting a more official website up and running, because the original site was running out of room for the all the episodes. A nice problem really, considering that I wasn't sure we'd even GET into the double digits with the Triad podcast.

Later on, I moved some furniture for my mom. It was not fun. Not that moving furniture has been known to be fun in the past. It just had an extra dose of annoying. Luckily Uncle Jon was helping out today. So it went by all right, though the main piece we wanted to move into the homestead was too big to fit through the front. So that was disheartening.

The good news was that I was able to watch Attack the Block with Cassie, Justin, and Amy! Damn that was a great movie. Seriously in my Top Ten movies of 2011. I will go into detail at some point, but I will quickly say that the writing, acting, and camera work was phenomenal. WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Topics of Conversation: Slams, too much stuff, Red State, plantains, crazy English accents, hover technology, cool jobs, Dresden Files, Jesuit futures, Greek food, darker than black, etc.