Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Easter Eggs in the Fall

Math happened and then I was sitting idle for a bit before heading to work.
I finished up some character descriptions for "The Shrouded City." I only had two or so descriptions done in time for the first draft, which meant that I needed more. This is mostly due to the fact that I had about five characters showing up. I need to get these descriptions out to my girlfriend Cassie and my friend Zoe who was going to look over the script for me. It would probably help to have some kind of details for the look of the people in the story.
I've been borrowing the Lost Season DVDs from Cassie when I realized that the DVDs probably have hidden Easter Eggs in them! I checked the internet, and found out I was right. I'm going to watch them with her.
Been staying up way too late these past few days. It ain't insomnia. Maybe its arrogance? Insomnagance? Arromnia? You decide!
Topics of Conversation: mutually assured destruction, Drive, don't you worry, Halloween costumes, new bandage, chicken, losing thumbs, gimme some ice, missing a ton, idea machine, noodles made easy, letters made to go, etc.