Monday, August 2, 2010

Stuck In a BOGG

Really, Cypress College? I need to go over this as though you’ve never seen a BOGG fee waiver before? Especially when YOU offered it to ME? Its not cool to say I haven’t paid for my classes when they’re supposed to be paid for by the fee waiver.

So I drive down to Cypress and clarify this issue. And then I find out that there is nothing I can do about the classes I’ve been waitlisted for. Too bad, so sad. Also, to get the maximum amount out of my Pell Grant, I need to be enrolled in 12 units worth of classes. So now I have to sign up for classes I never wanted to sign up for, and they’re classes that most likely won’t help towards getting my GE finished.

After that annoyance, I headed to Jamal’s to hang out and catch up. He had the day off because he returned from a trip to Las Vegas for Jon’s last hoorah one day early. We watched a little bit of a J-Drama called “Edison,” and grabbed some Chinese food for lunch.

I headed to Norwalk finished up work in what felt like no time.

After work, I mostly focused on catching up with my blog. I was now over a month behind. It was a sad state of affairs, but I never stopped taking notes on each day, so I wasn’t so far behind that I couldn’t catch up.

Topics of Conversation: Genius, #75, pronunciation, units required, J.T.!, do’s and don’ts on jobs you don’t care about, get the Grant, mixing up all the people I know, blank DVDs, the suckiness of the werewolves on True Blood, people you should know, etc.


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