Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh No, The Subject of Me

Its been a while since I tried to maintain one of these again. A journal. Or diary. Or too-personal blog about me. What a subject. Me. Nathan Schulz. I’m a comic geek with an expanding waistline and a bad habit of not writing enough. This is bad because I fancy myself a writer. A crafter of words. Try and put them together so that others want to read them.

So the point of trying to keep this blog/journal going is for practice. For my memory. And to see if I can make my mundane life JUST interesting enough for people to follow along. Or at least tell me to try better. Either is fine with me.

(Well, as long as you’re nice about me needing to try better).

Into the breach!

Today I had a late start. Understandable, since yesterday was a late, late night consisting of party favors, 2011 memories, vodka soaked gummi bears, and sparkling wine. To try and balance my brain out, I read some more of Patton Oswalt’s book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland (pages 79-120). This is an excellent book, by the way. Oswalt is not only one of the funniest human beings on the planet, but he’s also a really sharp, heartfelt writer.

I, of course, am very jealous, and will have to kill and eat Patton Oswalt to gain his powers. Like Mega Man does to his enemies.

I decided to visit my dad today in the Orange Hills facility that cares for him. This… is not easy for me. Honestly, though the facility is very nice, it has all the aspects of hell that I’ve ever needed. Trapped in your own body, without anyway to clean yourself or try to better your situation. No freedom. And sometimes…. No hope. It takes an act of will on my part to even go to the place.

As I drove to the facility, I stopped off at a restaurant named Taco Mesa. This place makes delicious food, and I could use a few minutes to gather my nerve to go to the facility. As soon as I got my food, my mom called and said she would be heading to the facility as well. I told her to stop on over for some lunch/dinner at Taco Mesa, which she was more than starving enough to agree to. After we ate all our food, I decided on a whim to buy the flan for dessert.

Wow… just WOW.

The flan was quite literally the best flan I’ve ever had. It was amazing. I will have to go there more often just for dessert!

Mom and I then headed over to the facility and talked to dad. He… was in his usual vegetative state. It is damn exhausting to be here. I want out there. I want DAD out of there. I end up just swallowing my despair and read some more.

Topics of Conversation: Too many worries, tacos, Dragon Age, cheese or no cheese, stationary, Flan!, observations, drunk texting, etc.


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