Monday, January 2, 2012


Mom had the day off so she was raring to get errands done. This consisted of recycling (a ton of cans, bottles, and SMELLY ASS milk cartons), Staples (I got some refills for my beloved pens), and Black Angus (we had received a gift card from my uncle and I wanted steak).

I grabbed a sec to read more of Oswalt’s Zombie Spaceship Wasteland (pages 121-138), and stopped off at Best Buy to buy the Black Keys’ latest album El Camino. Sweet googly moogly, this is a great album! Its got this whole 70’s Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and buzzing bass power that just gets your head beeping and bopping all about. I will be listening to this album too damn much.

After we picked up some groceries and brought them home, I left to see Cassie (my girlfriend**). I picked her up from her place, and we went to the Long Beach Town Center. We ate at El Torito, and watched Young Adult, starring Charlize Theron.

This movie re-teams-up director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody (they made Juno together if you don’t know cuz you’re not obsessive like me). The dialogue is less hyper-realized, but is still sharp and funny. And touched with a great rush of disappointment and fatigue, which brings out performances I wasn’t prepared for. And the best performance goes to Charlize Theron, who I can’t help but feel was ACHING to play a character like Mavis Gary.
Mavis is narcissistic, alcohol addicted, and so woefully cut off from all forms of human contact and emotion that you’d think she needed to study ahead of time to know how to smile.

And did I mention Patton Oswalt is in this movie and is amazing, and funny and so very human that I must again vow to kill and eat him to gain all his super-powers?
Its hard to feel bad for Mavis in this film. And that’s mostly because the character quite honestly wants you to hate her. She wants you to feel as miserable and uncomfortable as she feels around anyone that feels okay with what they got out of life. She hates you if you’re in a good mood and she didn’t allow said good mood to exist. But its hard to hate her, because she is so broken and lonely and human that you can’t help but understand her.

Condone her actions? Oh hell no, she’s a crazy bitch, man!

Topics of Conversation: Art School, refills, Ribeye vs. New York, Pi, proud geek, tip percentage, dates and time, googly eyes, zebra stripes, flans abound, wink like a seizure, if only there were no customers, etc.


**I have a girlfriend? What? How? 2011 has a some stories I will try to post some other time…

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