Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ape Jam Predators

(Summer School: Day Twelve)

Found out that for extra credit, we could go to a presentation at a Gibbon preserve on the 16th of July. Unfortunately, the preserve was way the heck out in Santa Clarita, which was a good hour and a half away. Darn it. Oh well, I could use the extra credit…

After school, I went on my comic run, which then led into a shoot for PCTA in Fountain Valley for their Summer Concerts series. It was a jam band of some sort, and wasn’t all that great. They’ve had better bands in the past, so hopefully next week’s will be even better.

After work, I watched Predators with Justin and Carissa. The movie was pretty good, and just the right amount mindless violence to cap off the day.

Topics of Conversation: Society as Evolution, Business Predators, 90 minute parking, A-hole poets, the final definition of “Brick,” etc.


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