Thursday, July 1, 2010

Retro-Writing Begins Here

(Summer School: Day Eight)

School was cool, and led to a shoot for PCTA, in which we shot a concert. Not a bad night.

Hung out with Justin later, and we watched some Doctor Who. A lot of Doctor Who, but that was okay. It was some good times.

Topics of Conversation: Hurry, fries, Airbender, 90210, the PA Gauntlet, iPod test, earned hugs, starts with “F” ends with “urry,” Frisbee optimism, etc.

Nate Note!: A lot of these entries from here on out are gonna be short and sweet. Thus, the “Half-Assed” Journal Entries will lose their purpose. Just kick back and enjoy the reading, and try not to hold a grudge. I’m only a man, and I never get paid for all this Too-Much-Info posts. Remember, I love you. And you always hurt the ones you love.

….that’s too damn dark. LET’S JUST ROCK AND ROLL!


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