Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello, Kitty brand Cameras

Watched Shutter Island, which wasn't very bad. I enjoyed it, even if I called most of the movie. The acting was really good, and it was shot beautifully. I recommend it for people who like to have their brains messed with.

Met up with Lainey to help her buy a camera and later watch Lost. We went to Best Buy, and I was quickly sad at all the wonderful toys I could not buy. But Lainey wanted a camera, and by gum, she got one... A "Hello, Kitty" camera.

They saw you coming a mile away, Lainster.

We watched Lost and I found myself getting just the right kind of tired to head home and sleep like a champ.

Topics of Conversation: Leonardo DiCaprio, the drama of the Tomato Family, the bird across the street, donuts, the instruction manual, cute purchases with ugly money for cute reasons, etc.


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