Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tardy In More Than One Way

(Summer School: Day Eleven)

I haven’t been writing about what happened at school that much because I literally can’t remember much of it. Again, a reminder, I am writing all these entries from July to October in retrospect. I have notes for every day, but its hard to differentiate from day to day all the events that transpired.

I met up with Amy and Aaron to watch some more episodes of Buffy and Angel. We picked up some teriyaki from a place called Genkiyaki, which was delicious. I had so much fun with this that I was late to work! ARGH. I should have paid better attention to the time.

After work, I met up with Patrick for dinner. We mostly caught up on life and creative endeavors.

Topics of Conversation: Apes, sister’s jacket, singing monkeys, Luigi, Iceball, Ninja Tacos, grease paint, going to college, selling magazines, etc.


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