Monday, July 5, 2010

Funny Stuff of Different Types

(Summer School: Day Nine)

I met up with Jamal and Justin and we ate at a Deli, watched “Whatever Works” (starring Larry David), and ended the night with Last Comic Standing. I was at little annoyed because two of the comedians I was rooting for didn’t make it to the next episode. Grrr…

“Whatever Works” was a decent movie that Woody Allen had written a while back, but had never got around to making. Larry David does a really good job with his role, and Evan Rachel Wood is adorable as his cute, optimistic, and unlikely bride. The movie gets a little to wordy at times, but is still pretty good, if a little weird.

Topics of Conversation: Memories of back in the day, McRib, The Dark Ages, good pastrami, unlikable characters, the workings of comedy, Lord Jamal, what’s a knish?, etc.


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