Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That Left English

(Summer School: Day Seven)

I want to transfer out of Cypress College, and graduate from a University, before the sun burns out of the sky. Before the cold earth gets cracked open by the freezing grip of the void. Before the rest of the stars fade from all memory. And before the whole solar system collapses into oblivion.

Hopefully before I turn 30, at least.

I have found that this depends a great deal on actually choosing a major. So to do this, I grabbed a whole bunch of papers on transfer majors: English, Business, Sociology, Film, Communication, and Journalism. Business was the early loser as I realized that it would add nearly an entire year to my school time to actually graduate. Film was too impacted. Communication and Journalism were nearly the same thing. And Sociology stayed in the running, even if it looked a tad unappetizing.

That left English.

English had always been my strongest subject. I understood it a lot more, and it really went together very well with the fact that I wanted to write as part of, or all of, my career. I suppose I avoided it because it was the major that got the rep of being somewhat arrogant and sad at the same time.

For all you English majors, I mean you no harm, but really, having a math or science degree would make you a hell of a lot more money in the long run. You know this. I know this. So calm the heck down.

The good news was that CSULB offered an English major with a special option of Creative Writing. An English major is looking better and better every time I look at it…

Also, after work, I watched Doctor Who at home. Great episode!

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