Friday, March 12, 2010

By The Numbers

Okay, so for this Friday I started off with going to Comics Unlimited to do my run that I had neglected for so long. All right, two days isn't very long a wait, but its all relative. I got there, and was greeted with Lainey and Mun (holy crap, I think I spelled her name completely wrong) running the shop due to the fact that Nancy was off sick. Again. This bug going around has been striking down pillars of the community left and right. And Lainey was not immune, either. She was simply less sick enough to run the shop for the day.

I got my two comics for the day (these weeks have been very light as of late). They were Secret Six (#19) and Batman & Robin (#10). I haven't been following the new Morrison run on Batman & Robin for the past issues, but he's throwing in some mystery about the Wayne ancestors and I was curious. Let's see what the crazy Scot has in store.

Topics of Conversation @ Comics Unlimited: Twilight the graphic novel, lunch go-fors, Tim Burton, Fluffbum & Loppington, my scattershot occupation, famous people and all their famousness, etc.

I volunteered to grab Lainey's lunch for her to help out for the next hour that I would be there. Panera Bakery got the order, and she was off to eating in no time. I headed back home, and got a call from both Patrick AND Justin to see what I was up to today. Patrick wanted to hang out, and Justin was with Jamal, Ben, and Kevin, a friend who had been living in Georgia for a year or so, but was now back in Cali. They wanted to catch She's Out Of My League. It wasn't a movie that I had been in any particular hurry to watch, but I said I was free and clear for it. I sweet-talked Patrick into coming along, and we were off and running.

She's Out of My League was reminiscent of any movie that you've ever seen where an improbably beautiful girl falls for an improbably sad sack of a man. But it didn't go for just easy jokes (though many easy jokes were had), it went for heart and the basic of question of "What is holding us back from being who we want to be?" The "5", our main character's main strength/weakness was that he just couldn't let himself believe he has an honest chance with the "10" of a girl. Does the movie make perfect sense? No. Is the girl too perfect? Yes. Does all of that really matter in the long run? Not really. Cuz this movie is just an excuse for some pretty funny interactions and performances.

Go ahead and check out this movie, even though it goes by the numbers at times.

After the movie, we all headed to the Pineapple Grill for drinks and karaoke. This plan worked for about as long as it took us to try and gauge our chances of actually being able to find a seat. Which was about a minute. Pineapple was packed to the gills with THREE friggin' birthday parties. Argh. We then went to Godfather's, a smaller bar, to try and out-wait the crowd at Pineapple Grill. This plan actually worked out fine. We went back to Pineapple after a few hours, where Ben and myself signed up for karaoke. Ben went for Bon Jovi, and I went for Weezer. Specifically, "Say It Ain't So." It took almost three hours for our turns come around, but that was fine, we ended the night on the songs themselves.

Topics of Conversation @ Godfather's & Pineapple Grill: GOP hanger-ons, slow Jukeboxes, horror movies, trainer meetings, the need to constantly yell, hiding your hat, long-distance relationships, the lack of any food or sustenance, etc.


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