Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Friendship Is Like a Plague

It was Charlee’s 21st birthday celebration hootenanny today, and I had bought her a four-pack of Root Beer. Now, before you get disappointed in my decisions, I should point out that it was Virgil’s Root Beer. Take a sip sometime and you will congratulate me on my charming style.

The plan for today was simple and eloquent: Lunch and a movie. Lunch was at Claim Jumper, and it was a delicious decision. Here is a fact about Claim Jumper you may not know: It makes the best Mozzarella Cheese Sticks I’ve ever had. I have yet to ingest its equal, and I am a decades-long fan of these little buggers.

What was even better about today’s visit was not just the circumstances, but the company. Because their was a special guest appearance by fan-favorites Kristin and Maureen. This duo is known for their wackiness and home-schooled charm.

Let me rewind a bit.

Back in 2006 (?), I took a Cartooning Class. In this class was Kristin. We got along and friendship ensued. As I got to know her, I got to know her friend Maureen. And as I got to know Maureen, I got to know her sister Charlee, and their family. My friendship is like a plague, it spreads and consumes until all are infected.

Topics of Conversation @ Claim Jumper: Zombie fortification, rapid-fire engagement, the “states” of emotion, men don’t smell good, being threatened by pickles, caterpillars, flying sharks, intense comics, should stupid people be allowed to breed, introducing ourselves, the horrific condition of the Education System, etc.

After the delicious lunch, we hung around for a bit, until we headed out for the Harkin Movie Theater to watch Alice In Wonderland. Yes, I have already seen this movie. Yes, it was okay a second time around. No, I won’t be watching it a third time. After the movie, we headed to Wendy’s, because the Birthday Girl had a hankering for Frostys, and we’d better fall in line.

(Nothin’ but love, Char!) :-)

Topics of Conversation @ Wendy’s: Pong, improbable stacking, showing love through violence, the wallet raid, etc.

I then took off for home and slept like a man that had done way too much in one day.


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