Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beer and Comics

Two comic runs in a row, and still raring to go! I had a late start of it, though.
I met up with Justin, Cap’n Josh, and a special cameo appearance by Victor at Comics Unlimited. It was good to see the guys again after my trip to San Francisco, and we caught up as much as we could. Nancy, Lainey, and Mark were running the store, and good times were had. I picked up Blackest Night (#8 of 8) and The Walking Dead (#1 Reprint).

Topics of Conversation @ Comics Unlimited: Vampires of the Black Forest, Dustin’ & Steamin’ & Coughin’, turning into a Frankenstein, yo-yo-yo-yo’ing gayness, the turn of events concerning the cat, palpable hatred, Super-Man-Bat-Man-creature, Grant Morrison: Brainiac, etc.

After the shop, Vic, Cap’n Josh, Justin, and myself headed to Brewbakers for lunch. I had a cheeseburger, as did the rest of the crew. I had to head out for work at Norwalk after a bit, and bid them farewell.

Norwalk was fairly easy, with some planning ahead for an upcoming shoot on April 13th for SEACCA. I mostly organized the cable Bulletin Pages and had a surprise come up in the form of a Traffic School class that needed a projector and laptop that everybody had forgotten to inform us that they needed. Annoying, but we dealt.


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