Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've Never

I do sometimes wonder about all the things I don't know. It can be intimidating, at times. I don't know much chemistry. Barely any physics. I'm not sure how to play backgammon. I don't know what an episode of Jersey Shore is like. I've never made waffles that I like. I've never had snow fall from the sky on me. I've never been in a bar fight. Never wore one of those blue ruffle tuxedos. Never had a gang member nickname. I've never sang a U2 song in karaoke. I never tried to play any other Final Fantasy game, except for FFVII, all the way to the end. I never ate a enite raw onion. I never got arrested. I've never marched in a protest.

That's all. I was just taking a moment to notice my lacks.


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