Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Setup From Heck

With this blog, I am officially caught up on my own self-imposed resolution. It was hard as hell to catch up. Especially when I hit a point where I was actually six posts behind. Argh. But here I am, defiant to the gods of procrastination themselves!

Well, until the next time I get bogged down again.

So today was focused on a "Game of the Week" shoot. This was for Basketball for 9-10 year-old boys, and 9-10 year-old girls. The Championships, to be exact. Lakers vs Jayhawks. And the Wolfpack vs Sour Patch Kids. (Yeah, "Sour Patch Kids" made me do a double take, too). This shoot was... well, the setup was cursed.

Its a simple shoot to set up. Three cameras, some audio, and an announcers' table. Believe me when I say that this should have been done in two hours with, an hour for lunch, no problem. But we had problems. The switcher in the truck broke. We were transporting a platform for a raised camera angle, and it nearly blew right off the roof of the van. The power supply for the truck was going wonky. We had to replace an electrical cable. Both games were late starting, so we had to stay longer to shoot them. I was having a hell of a time getting lunch for the crew. Just... wow. Really, life was going out of its way to humble us.

But somehow, by the sheer will and determination of paid professionals, we were able to shoot this game from beginning to end with no more problems. I even felt competent on the camera for once. It was a nice feeling. And the games weren't boring. The kids were playing with all their heart. We got some cool stuff out of the gig.

It was a good shoot, after all was said and done.

On a side note, I was given an opportunity for extra work this weekend. Here's to hoping my Saturday opens up more for it. But at least Sunday will be wide open either way. I just hope we don't get flooded.


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