Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm writing this entry very late, and I can only recall watching Repomen and Moon. I should probably find my lack of recall more alarming, but oh well.

I met up with Jamal and we watched Repomen out in Tustin. Repomen isn't a bad flick, though it is surprisingly violent. That's been a trend for this year: Movies that are surprisingly violent. It started with Wolfman, Repomen has continued it, and now I'm anticipating the next ultra-violent flick.

The story of Repomen is reminiscent of Logan's Run (yeah, I never thought I would reference that movie either). The main character, played by Jude Law, is a man that has very little empathy for the people he hunts. Until an accident forces him to walk in their shoes, and become a renegade himself. Overall, the plot is okay, and though its a little obvious how the movie will turn, the ending might surprise you.

I went home, and decided my hunger for movies was not quite done, so I grabbed one of the movies I had rented earlier. The movie that TRULY stood out for me was Moon. There was only one official actor on screen the entire movie, and that was Sam Rockwell. And thank god, because he is amazing.
I'm not sure how many actors I could take on screen for nearly two hours and not think "Wow, you annoy me now." But Rockwell knows how show depths with just a few facial expressions and his body language. And the dialogue is sharp and lonely. And the main point of the story will show up and surprise you. But its also a plot point I've always thought would be cool to explore.

Also, Kevin Spacey voices a robot helper named GERTY, who becomes one of my favorite characters. Watch this movie, you won't be disappointed.

(Yeah, these are going to feel like they're traveling through time to get to you, but they will get to you, damn it!).

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