Sunday, March 14, 2010

Smackdown Round 2

I spent most of the day organizing my finances and going through my iPod. It wasn't much more than a chill out day. Though it is sad that I didn't do very much today. Mostly killed time with a walk and some internet surfing. Not real life surfing, cuz that would be too cool for me. But I did have one mission, and that was the sequel to the Ultimate Smackdown from back in January. I had won the first installment, which consisted of Apples to Apples and Catchphrase.

Let's see if I could pull out a second win.

Before I headed to Lainey's, I stopped to pick up some snacks for everyone. "Some" turned into "too much." Dang. I always grab too much damn snacks. Maybe because I'm trying to feed the world. Or maybe I just really wanted some hummus.

The game crew was nearly the same as the last time:

and my Arch-Rival: KAYTEE.

I would say that our rivalry was bitter and deeply entrenched in bad blood if it wasn't for the fact that she was a Buffy fan. Its getting to the point that you could punch me in the face and get away with it if you followed up said punching with a Buffy quote. You shouldn't try it yet, folks. I'm not that easy at this point, but give it another year or so, and we'll see.

We started off the night with a game of Apples to Apples. Many good laughs were had, as well as some disturbing insights into the other players' psyches. I actually pulled off an upset victory with a one-two combination of an "AIDS" card and a "A Bad Motel" card. I knew they would come in handy, but I didn't know they'd win the game for me. Its good I held on to them for as long as I did.

The next game up to bat, and the game that we would finish the night with, was Cranium. It was a little before, and into the start, that one fact became apparent: Nobody Really Wanted to Play Cranium. Not because they weren't interested... okay, maybe a little of that. But I think it was more along the lines of it was interrupting all the talking. We had hit a point where everyone was reminiscing about past wackiness. Past Disney adventures. A legendary awful rock show that Lainey had dragged everyone to. The ghetto that Jack and Kaytee lived at. Really, the list went on. And then Cranium reared its ugly little game board.

Even Kaytee and I weren't exchanging the trash talk that we should have. Sarah was playing the with play-doh that was part of the game, lost in the world of the snowman she was building. And really, nobody liked the red cards. Those little bastards were ruining our good vibes. But all in all, I think we were all missing the fast paced ridiculousness that is Catchphrase. I certainly will make it a point to push for that next game night.

But the good news is that my team, consisting of Lainey, Andy, and myself, won Cranium! Suck it, Kaytee! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Topics of Conversation @ the Cranium Smackdown: Broken chips, creamin' in Disney, play-doh genitalia, One Night in Bangkok, Jewish cookies, how Lainey's cat doesn't like me, The Smell, hair addiction, edamame, bad band covers, ruining lesbian moments, sign language as a cheat, zipper help, etc.



Karmin said...

Hi. My name is Karmin and i approve this blog.p

p.s.: "creamin' in Disney"? do i want to know what this means? who am i kidding...i AM on the level...

NateTheGreat said...

You're so on level, that everyone else is slanted.