Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Proof Of Your Existence

I think the most disheartening thing about job hunting, and I assume most of you will agree with me, is the silence. The complete and utter lack of any acknowledgement that you exist. That you sent in proof of your existence. And so many jobs don't even bother to let you know if you accomplished THAT much.

We send in our stats, they judge us, and we're left in limbo. Who's to say they didn't lose your info or simply didn't like the cut of your jib (spelling?). And its funny that I didn't get the similarity between job hunting and asking someone out till just now. Go figure. And I have a job. Just not enough o it. For all of you struggling to find a job due not having one, hang in there, champ.

It struck me that I had not hung out with Justin since his shoot finally finished up. I called him up and we made plans to hang out for lunch. With a surprise addiction of Aaron! When I got to Justin's, we watched the trailer for Tron: Legacy, and an owl movie called Guardian Something. I don't know the name, and I could google it, but I'm not going to see this movie, so why worry?

We at at Paul's Place, and afterwords Justin had to head to Sherman Oaks.

Topics of Conversation @ Paul's Place: Alice in the Looking Glass, gourmet burgers, check delivery, extra work with Danny Devito, etc.

I dropped off Aaron at his place as I headed to work, and we made plans to catch some more episodes of Buffy Season 2 that night. Of course it depended upon whether or not Amy was up to some eps. I got to Norwalk and found out that Oral Communications for Council and Commission meetings were to no longer be recorded at all. Oh boy. And that's all I can say about that for fear of being quoted.

Amy responded that though she was sick, Buffy would hit the spot, along with some pho. I agreed to those terms, and we were soon at a pho restaurant in Cerritos. We headed to Amy's place afterwards to watch two episodes of Buffy Season 2: Lie To Me and The Dark Age. These were some awesome episodes that were now ramping up to the exquisiteness that is Season 2.

Till next blog.


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