Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Frisco Prep

One day till San Francisco!

And what better way to prepare for this North-bound journey of mystery and adventure than to go to Comics Unlimited for my comic run? Justin and Cap’n Josh joined me at the shop, with Mark and Lainey present to run said shop.

Topics of Conversation @ Comics Unlimited: Escalation, punching Davey Havok, cats using poop to protest, fame and how to get it, San Franciscoing, how Lainey punched a doctor, Sliders, yo-you tricks, crocodile stand-offs, etc.

A sad turn of events revealed that I did not have the money I would need to purchase my comics today, but I had asked if they could hold my comics till my money found me again. I then went to lunch at In-N-Out (it was one of those “Comics or eating? Comics or eating?” situations) with Justin and the Cap‘n.

Topics of Conversation @ In-N-Out: Guilty pleasure movies, its too dang sunny, the Fat Darryl, the SeAL sandwich, how unnecessary Indiana Jones’ presence was, Falling Down, etc.

Justin decided 100% that he wouldn’t be able to accompany me to San Francisco, which I understood, since a last minute choice to ride on the train changed the plans a great deal. I headed over to work at Norwalk, which was nice and chill. Then I headed home and spent the entire night getting ready for San Francisco.

This consisted of clothes, snacks, Podcasts, and books galore.


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