Thursday, April 1, 2010

Error 503

I have been trying valiantly to get my blog back up to speed. I just barely posted the March 19th entry. I’m, by this count, probably 12 behind. Twelve. That’s my favorite number, but not in this context.

I made plans with Lainey to grab some lunch, and headed over to her place. We had been texting to try and come up with a food plan, and by the time I got to her place, the plans were still in limbo. It might have had a lot to do with the fact that she was not hungry.


Recent knowledge had come up that, after over two months of thinking that Hemlock was a male cat, we had been wrong. Hemlock was a girl. Oops. I’m no master of cat genitals (yes, I know, quite the shocker), but I thought that vets and such would have a better eye for this thing. Apparently the vet had had to take Hemlock into a separate room to find out. I never want to know what occurred in that room. I just hope Hemlock doesn’t have to talk to an adult about it.

To save time, I will just tell you that lunch was never had. Lainey was confoundedly not hungry even when 2:00 pm rolled around. So we just hung out and caught up with news and such, and also walked around the neighborhood with Hemlock. Some stuff came up that amused me, annoyed me, and angered me.

Topics of Conversation @ Lainey’s: The outside world, tattoo commissions, (she)-hulking out, depression motivation, crazy exes, a troubling turn of events, regarding a dog son or a human son, the equivalent of finding out Santa Claus doesn’t exist, saying something so that I said something, how success breeds sadness, dumb people, etc.

I had to head to work at Norwalk to cablecast. This consisted of four shows: two were HEAVILY religious, one was poorly produced, and one which was simply bizarre. I took my laptop with me to try and keep up with my writing regiment. It kind of worked.

I then went over to watch Buffy with Amy and Aaron. We watched “What’s My Line?” Part 1 and 2. Great episodes, with cool reveals of multiple plot points. I then lent Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 to Amy and headed home.

I was hell bent on updating my blog, only to have decide it didn’t want to work right and kept spouting “Error 503” at me. So now I will be yet another day behind on my blog. This is highly annoying. I should write to my Congressmen.


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