Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gradual Inebriation

March 16, 2010:

As far as video shoots go, today's was more than a little awesome. It was for Huntington Beach, and it was a showcase of Huntington Beach businesses, specifically a place called Brewbakers. Brewbakers was a brewery and a bakery in one. You could brew your own beer, bottle it, and even put your own label on it. "But Nate, I don't like beer!" That's okay! They offer some of the best Root Beer I've ever had. "But Nate, I don't like Root Beer!" What's wrong with you? How... how have we ever been friends?

The shoot was simple in scope. We would show the host, Simone, going through a step by step demonstration of how to brew a beer with Dennis, the owner of Brewbaker. They would do so until the "finished product." They chose to make a Heffeweizen, and they were off running.

But first, I should chart the level of Dennis' gradual inebriation.

By the first shot of the video piece, which was an introduction by Simone and Dennis. Dennis had poured himself a pint of beer, and was personable and spoke clearly. By the second shot, Dennis was showing Simone around the brewery section of Brewbakers, and seemed to be his informative self, if a little louder. By the third shot, where they were grinding all the wheat and grains they would need for the beer, Dennis was laughing at just about everything. Because keep in mind, it takes nearly 15 minutes to set up a shot and go over the questions, all the while, Dennis is drinking beer.

What made this even more noticeable to me was the fact that I was in charge of audio. That meant that I had wired up both Simone and Dennis with wireless microphones. And I could hear everything hey uttered, and was monitoring their voices throughout the shoot. I could hear Dennis' voice get more and more slurred. It was actually only perceptible to me, because I was listening so hard for any audio irregularities. In all honesty, Dennis wasn't having any problems talking, but the buzzed talk was there.

-"We're just tea-bagging and 69-ing!" (In regards to filtering the beer and the choice of beer to make, since Heffeweizen is #69 on the menu).
-"It's been known to be sticky AND sweet!" (In regards to the malt syrup used in making beer).
-"Let's spank this beer with this paddle!" (Okay, he didn't say that, but he wanted to).

Simone wasn't crazy about the Hour of Innuendo, but it could not be denied that the Root Beer and bread was delicious. Dennis was an excellent baker AND brewer, and he could hardly be faulted for his behavior in his own business. Especially for when it was more off hours, and the jokes were mostly made off camera.

So it was twice as funny that as soon as we were done with the shoot, and he was back in business, he flipped on the music and the first track was a song I could only guess at the title being "Itty Bitty Titties." Yeah. The kind of song that creates sexual harassment law suits. Simone just laughed it off as she headed to work.

Brewbakers: Come for the pretzels, stay for the borderline sexism.

But seriously... some of the best Root Beer and pretzels you will EVER have.

I then had to head to work at Norwalk. Today's City Council Meeting would be extra busy with the changing of the guard. A new Mayor would be voted in, and a little party would be thrown in the old Mayor's favor. Its just a small vote, and all it ended up being was a rearrangement of the council members. Still the same five members, but with different titles.

But what's truly important is the fact that I got to hang with Karmin and Mike again and talk about what-the-heck-ever.

Topics of Conversation @ Norwalk: The old movie theater arm maneuver, Kick-Ass posters, sweets, gay chicken, the earthquake, Inner Storm, taking the initiative, etc.


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