Tuesday, June 1, 2010

After Rebate

As of the past month or so, my cell phone had been giving me trouble. It couldn’t hold a charge to save its life. For example, the battery could be fully charged, and I would send out three text messages. And then the battery would be dead. Just like that. And forget having a decent conversation on it! It would just cut out right in the middle of a phone call.

The good news was that I’ve had my cell phone for two years. Which meant that the “New In Two” plan was in affect. I went to a Verizon store on Lincoln, and after looking around for a bit, and avoiding some Hard Sale to get a Droid, I ended up getting a new cell phone that actually was a better upgrade from my old phone, but didn’t end up actually costing me anything more.

After rebate, of course.

Okay, RANT TIME! What is the friggin’ deal with this “Rebate” bull crap?! They keep throwing the damn price around like you already got a rebate, which is a lie, since it hasn’t happened yet. But I still have to pay the money now and there. Isn’t there a sneaky law suit just waiting in the wings for that loop hole of false advertisement?

If the thing costs $100 AFTER REBATE, then that means I end up having to pay over $100 right then and there! Rebate just annoys me, because I always have to figure out the math just that much longer. And I don’t like math, so stop it with this rebate shenanigans!

Okay, moving on…

I checked my e-mail and found that a seat had opened up in Environmental Biology! I hungrily grabbed it and am now waiting for my BOGG fee waiver to take effect. I will probably have to go in tomorrow to pay for the incidental fees. It will be interesting how I pull off paying for them, what with no money in my account…

I held off on charging my new phone till I got to work. Since I would be at Norwalk for over four hours, I figured that I could let it sit and juice up while I earned the money to support my cell addiction. We had a City Council Meeting that mostly consisted of Senior Citizens getting angry at the bus system. Just another day. Just another Council Meeting.

After getting off work, I met up with Victor at In-N-Out. In retrospect, I probably should have bowed out from going. My brain was pretty fried, and I don’t think I was the most attentive of company. But it was a decent hang out, if one that would have been better if I had some more sleep in me. Hopefully I can pull out a higher quality hang-out later in the week.

Topics of Conversation: Droid, eyebrow threading, more talk about cell phones than I’ve done in years, insomnia of a different sort, forgetting to bring the Noise, drunk dancing as a last resort, my poison is Solitude, “That’s What She Didn’t Say,” party dog, two-step to home, etc.


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