Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Coveted Fire Pit

Its strange when you have too much to do. Case in point, I had been invited to literally FOUR different parties. Pretty much every one of them were going on at the same time. In four different cities. Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, Fullerton, and Los Alamitos. I decided on going to the Huntington Beach party, because it was the Ninth(?) Annual Starbuxian Summer Solstice Beach Party. I promised to go to it nearly 6 months earlier.

That doesn’t necessarily mean I got to it at the time that I had meant to.

I woke up with a hankering for the new Black Keys album “Brothers.” But the stores were still a ways off from being open, so I spent some time watching old episodes of Angel. It was a lazy Saturday so I was pretty relaxed when suddenly I woke up. I had fallen asleep! I looked at my cell phone for what time it was. Nearly five hours had gone by. Geez, that changed the entire pace of the day for me.

I headed to Best Buy and bought the album and proceeded to listen to the album nearly twice before I got to the beach. I kept listening to track 3, “Tighten Up,” on repeat. I couldn’t seem to get enough of that song. I found myself humming the song for the rest of the day.

I got to the beach roughly around 3:00 and found Victor, Justin, Quincy, Shinar, Ken, and Janey were kicking back and enjoying the day. The wind was relentless, and we had to hold off on starting a fire in the pit till sunset. Problems were added by the wind, since it blew out nearly every match we struck. Thankfully, a group next to us had lighter fluid to help us with. They
actually needed matches, too. So were able to help each other out. Its funny how life can be.

The beach party itself was very relaxing. We had some BBQ, and talked about the usual random assortment of topics on your minds. I walked on the beach for a while, looking for treasure. Not in any serious way, but I did keep my eyes open. Ken and Janey took off around 7:00 or so, and the beach closed at 9:00. Shinar took off around the time the it closed, and Victor, Quincy, Justin, and myself headed to Justin’s place.

We talked at Justin’s for a bit, before he had to turn in. He had work early in the morning. Quincy, Victor, and myself headed to Norm’s for dinner and keep the socializing going for a little longer. But after I was done eating, I could tell my stamina for the day was done. We all left for our respective homes, and I took a shower to get the ocean off of me.

The ocean doesn’t smell that great.

Topics of Conversation: Smores, Awesome-O, Tower 23, Tesla, those that we actually expect, Sweet Magazine, cooking oil, green flame, seaweed whip, sandy burgers, manipulative tactics to get our fire pit, etc.


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