Friday, June 25, 2010

Yoda Soda

I promised I would meet with Carissa for breakfast so we could catch up on stuff that had been going on in her life. She wasn’t particularly crazy about the month of June, having had some rough Junes in the past. June Gloom squared. And so I listened to whatever she needed to talk about, as we ate cheap food at Denny’s. It was a nice morning, all said and done.

Afterwards, I headed to Gerdes Park in Norwalk to shoot a party being thrown for a Summer Preschool program for young children. It was pretty fun, and the kids got a lot of attention and activities. And you can’t beat free food.

Today was my friend Bobby’s birthday, and he had an excellent plan for the festivities: Star Wars and alcohol. I’m pretty sure that’s way up there in the good ideas department. I had a great night hanging out at their apartment, and even found out that I missed out on other nights of madness and great stories.

Bobby and his girlfriend Gina concocted a mix drink called “Yoda Soda,” which was sparkling wine and some other mad spirits. It was actually delicious, even though it looked like swamp water from Dagobah. And you’ll get that reference if you’ve ever seen The Empire Strikes Back, which we did that night.

I need to have a Back To The Future and alcohol night myself.

Topics of Conversation: Drunk and belligerent elementary kids, MORE PANCAKES!, how the International trailer has changed minds, chicken nuggets, nights full of regrets, cheesiness, Star Wars food, etc.


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