Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Improbable Essay

Wanna know how you can know you’re completely, utterly, miserably, hopelessly, terribly, awfully, desperately out of practice writing papers for school?

By taking nearly six hours writing a two-page essay for an actually interesting class. It’s a strong indicator.

This sucker just didn’t want to be written. I mean, the subject was about something as small and easy as moths changing colors due to the environment changing around them. That’s it. The essay was double-spaced, too. But for some evil reason, the paper decided to not be written. I had the facts down, the sources cited, and the angle I would approach it from, and yet still the paper dripped out of my brain at a glacial pace.

But I finished the bugger! Yes I did.

After the madness of the essay, I went over to hang out with Jamal. We talked about his work and one of the stranger and more complex issues he was having. It may be more than either of us expected it to be. Hopefully it won’t turn into anything crazy.

Topics of Conversation: Germany needs support, a tall glass of friendship, a great adventure, the worst enemy is the best friend, being Watson, the third lesson, ethics of a corporation, life for later, etc.


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