Monday, June 7, 2010

Muthertruckin' Car Wax!

My car is filthy. It’s a fact. And now, because of this very blog, it is a DOCUMENTED fact. I never really think about it until it practically has the little cartoon stink lines and flies around it. I just put it out of my mind.

But today was different. For some reason I looked at my car and saw how dirty it was. It bugged me. So I asked my dad where all our car cleaning stuff was, grabbed it, and went to the nearest $5 automated car wash. After washing the outside, I vacuumed all the little accumulated debris, for lack of a better word. All the pebbles, dried grass and leaves, crumbs, tiny bits of paper, etc. that gathers on the floor of a car.

And then I upped the ante on the car cleaning.

I drove to a nearby parking lot with lots of room and shade. I parked under a tree and busted out the car wax. And yeah, you heard me. The Muthertruckin’ CAR WAX. I wasn’t playing around anymore. I was going to make my car sparkle like a gay ol’ Twilight vampire, or die trying.

Long story short, waxing your car takes a ton of time.

But my car was looking better than it had in a year. On the flip side, the little scratches and dings that had accumulated over its years on the road were now more pronounced. Oh well, the stink lines were gone, and I was feeling accomplished. I got home, cleaned myself up, and headed for work.

Something very quick and strange happened while I was waiting at a light.

Some guy on a bike was booking it and, apparently not paying any attention to the red light, CROSSED THE STREET. And yes, he got hit by a car that was pulling up. Luckily, the car was slowing down to turn, so he didn’t get hit as hard as he could have. The guy got knocked off the bike, and rolled up onto the hood of the car. Before the driver can react, the guy jumps off the hood, flips off the driver, gets on his bike, and high tails it down the street. This was all in the span of no more than five seconds. Insane.

Work, by contrast, was very sane and relaxed.

Topics of Conversation: Fancy apps, digitizing, wax, 0.3 pixels, new accessories, a Slurpee by any other name, waking up, Mozart, etc.


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