Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Cut of the Jib Assistant

For this morning, the parents made French Toast, and it was too good to describe in mere blog words.

So I won’t try. Just take my word that they were awesome.

I had a shoot at Lakewood for their annual Block Party. This is the event that the City of Lakewood shuts down an entire block of the street of Clark Avenue, and gets a band to play live music. Its pretty fun.

Or so I’ve heard. I’m too busy working it to know. Whine, whine, bitch, bitch.

After we were done setting up, I found out what I would be doing during the shoot. My job turned out to be pretty simple. I would be jib assistant for Shawn, the jib operator. This mostly consisted of making the sure the jib didn’t clip anyone in the head. That, and to make sure that no one got in the way of the jib.

This, I have to admit, was quite easy.

The band was pretty good, though I totally forgot their name. Huh. Maybe they weren’t that
good if I can’t even remember their name. Sorry, nameless band, but you just play covers, so really, the only band I have to try and remember the name are the bands you’re covering.

Topics of Conversation: Easy driving, the Greatest Dominatrix, USA defeated, panning motors, Nathan the Musical Fairy, stills, shiny silver, parasite twins, crows, Caution Man, jib staring, strut, etc.


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