Monday, June 14, 2010


I took a walk today, and I got an idea in my head. I wanted to convert an old idea that I had been working on nearly four years ago into a new idea. I went digging through some old notes, slowly compiling the scattered pieces of the big story arches that I had been devising way back then. I eventually came up with what might be a really fun idea, and some really strong characters. And the overall story can really pay off, especially the big moments I’m planning.

I went to Norwalk as well, and since it was a slow day, I worked on the idea some more. I basically have seven characters that are pretty different, though two might be a little too similar. And the first three story arches build upon each other nicely. And the end result is a world that has supernatural elements, but melds humor enough that having evil, demonic girl scouts fighting the heroes isn’t a stretch.

I know. That’s what I think about when I go on walks?

Topics of Conversation: Russian workout, the environment, busted elevator, hidden lists, art, The Hitchhiker, refrigerators, Neanderthals, bad luck, googling goggles, pasta love, etc.


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