Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Longing For The Very Recent Past

I did my comic run nice and prompt this time around. It was a really good one, because nearly the entire band was back together! Victor, Justin, Lainey, Mark, (no) Nancy, and myself kicking it and talking comics. Just like the good ol’ days. Which were about two months ago. I can’t believe I’m getting nostalgic for only two months in the past.

As for comics I bought Secret Six (#22) and Demo (#05). Secret Six was as good as it usually is. Gail Simone has so much more talent than she gets credit for. The simple fact that she can make a character as lame as Catman into an actually interesting and multi-layered person is an achievement in of itself. But the rest of her characters are so well written, too. Each of them have a voice of their own, which is hard for a lot of writers to pull off.

Demo was pretty decent, but this second volume has been a little wobbly. I really liked Stranded (#05), though. I little time travel piece that would have lost steam if it was a series, but as a one-shot, easily entertained and had a great moral that its never too late to make yourself a better, stronger person. ESPECIALLY if you’ve got a nifty time travel power.

I headed to Norwalk for my usual work time. We had a Planning Commission Meeting that, for some reason, started nearly half an hour late. No one really knows why. And the Meeting itself went on for over an hour. Just a long night, I guess.

Topics of Conversation: Hemlock cupcakes, Ruby Quartz, cheap Baseball seats, the other F-word, Pretzel M&M’s, a true Poker face, new cell phones, documentation without informing the subject, Baconaise, Beat Box, etc.


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