Thursday, June 3, 2010

Art Recycling Werewolf

I picked up a shoot for Norwalk today. Basically, they needed me to document interviews with two different artists. A committee was assembled to get an art piece for the City of Norwalk. And when I say “art piece,” I’m talking a big ol’ hunk of art that they could show off and point to and say “Yo, we’re an artsy city. Word!”

I can’t go into the details, so I will use this sentence to artfully gloss over the details.
After Norwalk, I headed to Cypress College to check on the status of my class and college fee payments. Success! The class fee waiver had gone into effect, and the remains of scholarship were still active. I pretty much paid for all my school needs without having to sell my kidneys!

For another year, at least…

Patrick called me up to see what I was up to. I told him I needed to run to the Recycling Center, and then I could hang for a bit. I headed to his place, ate a couple tamales, and we were off to save the environment and make a few bucks.

After that, we lounged around his place and watched nearly all the special features on An American Werewolf In London. John Landis is one kooky cat, but deeply likeable. The documentaries were really interesting, and it was amazing what they pulled off with just some imagination and ingenuity. It really inspired me to write something, anything.

I can only hope it’s half as decent a script as Werewolf in London.

Topics of Conversation: Italy, bar codes, metaphors for other things, John Landis, microwave tamales, marble, expenses, flying to Japan, FX, grapes, Masters, names not used, etc.


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