Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Capable of Being Useful

Today started early for me because of yet another SEAACA video taping. I would, once again, be taping a 6-pack of cats and dogs. 3 cats and 3 dogs. And they would be adorable and wanting a home. So get down to SEAACA, people!

Every shoot I do seems to make me feel a little more capable of being useful. It’s a very gradual thing. Mostly consisting of cussing in my head, and staring at a shot till my eyes bleed. But I’ve had to do less and less of this ritual over the two or so years. Will I ever feel 100% comfortable?
Not bloody likely, but who knows, right?

After the SEAACA shoot, I had lunch with Bill and Musse at Burger Basket. I just really felt like a Greek owned burger joint. And this place hit the spot nicely. While there, Bill told me of a lady who, after picking up food from the very same restaurant, got into her car and was completely oblivious to the fact that the car was heavily leaking gasoline. Her car was running the entire time. Bill said he warned her… from a safe distance. Wow, that lady nearly received a Darwin Award.

I met up with Justin after work and we headed out to the Long Beach Town Center to hang out with Aaron and Amy. I had meant to watch Buffy Season 3 with them, but had forgotten it in my car. The problem was that I had carpooled with Justin in his car. Brilliant, Nate. Still a good night was had.

Topics of Conversation: Moron drivers, leaks, rich Canadian ladies, chili cheese fries, Palpians, free babies with every purchase, 22-year-old cat, the absolute ecstasy of Selling Out, Kenneth Shwartz, job hunting for the kill, the Human Centipede, how to not win fans, etc.


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