Thursday, June 24, 2010

They Couldn't Hit The High Notes

(Summer School: Day Four)

I got out of school a little earlier than I thought I would. I studied a little, but I mostly found myself trying to figure out what my Major was going to be. Its been on my mind as of late. I was considering a Business Major, but it doesn’t seem to feel right. And from what I’ve heard, it would nearly double my time in school.

So perhaps a Creative Writing major? Or something film related that isn’t as insanely impacted as the entire Film department.

I headed to a shoot I picked up from Lakewood. It was going to be a concert in the park, which is the cool thing to do this summer season. The good news, for me at least, was that it was a Beatle’s cover band. They called themselves Hard Day’s Night, and as it turned out, they weren’t half bad. Since it was the Beatles, I found myself singing along the entire show.

Unfortunately, nobody on the band could quite hit the high notes. They tried, bless their un-English souls. But it was just not to be. But other than that, they were really good.

Topics of Conversation: Where the hell are the scholarships?, Rolling Stone, free concert, missing keys, bubble weather,, kettle corn, sun bathing, late night gym, avatars, etc.


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