Monday, June 21, 2010

A Scholarly Interview With Myself

Day One of Summer School

I’ve hinted at it in passing. I’ve let slip a secret or two. But here I shall be clear and straight-forward on the subject. This Q&A shall clear up any questions:

Q: Nathan, are you attending summer school?
A: Yes, I am attending Summer School! In fact today is the first day!
Q: What made you decide to finally attend academia again?
A: Wanting to better my life and gain more knowledge!
Q: Is it true you’ve been going to college off and on, for, like a zillion friggin’ years?
A: Uh, well, I wouldn’t put it like that…
Q: But its been way long, right? Like, STUPID long?
A: Okay, seriously, I don’t like this line of questioning…
Q: Why? Because you’re a whiny little bitch?
A: ….
Q: Oh no, did I make baby cry?
A: …No, shut up!
Q: C’mon, how long, man? Just be honest and I’ll leave you alone!
A: Okay! Since 2002.
Q: …Wow. That’s so sad.
A: Its not that sad…
Q: Naw, its pretty sad. I’m the question thingy and I can’t come up with a question to ask to pinpoint the sadness that is you.
A: How did this all go so wrong?
Q: Oh! Good one!
A: I didn’t mean about my life, dammit!
Q: Wait, I got one!
A: Can we just stop this now?
Q: Did you know that if you had a baby in 2002, that it would be nearly 9-years-old now?
A: I hate you.

Huh. That… that interview went very badly for me…

Anyways, yes, I am attending Summer School. I’m taking Biological Anthropology and have yet to take a Science class in about 2 to 3 years. And I haven’t written an essay since Spring of last year. After all that, I was still able to wake up bright and early and get to the class, eager to soak up some knowledge. The class itself is taught by a woman who does teaching as a side gig, while she’s busy being an actual Anthropologist. That’s pretty cool.

After the class, I hung out with Aaron and Amy for a bit to chill out before I had to head to work. They downloaded “The Passing” for Left 4 Dead 2, and I was in zombie nirvana for a good solid hour. I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of this game. I definitely will never get tired of the company.

Work was work.

Topics of Conversation: An unremarkable passing, learning how to be a human being, celebrations gone wrong, too many Tanks, flat water, monkeys and primates, etc.


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