Friday, June 4, 2010

The Charm of Corn

Because of Memorial Day, new comics did not come in on Wednesday, and were pushed to Thursday. Because of my work schedule on Thursday, I was not able to go to Comics Unlimited until today. AND I had work tonight at Norwalk to shoot a TAP (Teen Awareness Program) dinner. That’s just the way life is, but today could work out fairly well. I could go to Comics Unlimited in the day, and then head to work.

I got to Comics Unlimited and found that Lainey was running the store solo, which always struck me as both cool and crappy at the same time. On one hand, Lainey gets to run the store the way she’d like to. Listen to the music she wants to. Dance in place. Jump up and down. Doodle. Stare at the ceiling. Whatever. She’s a responsible person, so she won’t do anything that could hurt the store. I would love to run a comic shop on my own.

But what about going to the bathroom? What about lunch? What about being alone with strangers through out the day? Besides the occasional Regular (Ex.: ME), she’s got to be professional person AND run to the bathroom. I can see the downside to flying solo in a comic shop.

Moving on

So I got my comics, Invincible (#72) and Demo (#04), and chatted with Lainey about everything and nothing. Mon (another Comics Unlimited worker bee) came in around 2:00 which is about the time I left for work.

I got to Norwalk and found that I was going to do some more Inventory. Mostly the stuff that hadn’t been found in the first two passes. I only found five or so things that weren’t already accounted for. I found just as many things that hadn’t already been on the Inventory list. Looks like we’ll need more tags made up, as well as some updating of the list.

My boss and I headed to the TAP dinner and found that we were nearly an hour earlier than we needed to be there by. It was odd, but I didn’t mind. We went over to a burger place nearby and grabbed some lunch/dinner. I had a chocolate shake as well that wasn’t too bad.

Finally the TAP dinner was ready and we shot all the festivities. The theme for this year was a Hollywood party. Corny, but it’s a teen program designed with all the passion of a Saturday Afternoon Special. These kinds of programs are forever cursed to be corny. But that’s its charm. The charm of corn. Don’t underestimate it.

All the kids seemed to be having fun, and the free food was pretty darn tasty. All in all a good night.

Topics of Conversation: Razors, kitten tattoos, writing, apprenticeships in questionable locales, sign language for “powerful,” girl smelly isn’t as bad as boy smelly, recent confidence, roast beef, Anime Wonder Woman, standing in front of calendars, the new breed of customers, chocolate covered licorice, etc.


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