Monday, January 11, 2010

B-Sides in the Age of iTunes

As I sit here typing away on my keyboard like an angry penguin (yeah, that's an awful metaphor), I'm listening to some blissfully stolen music. Okay, okay, its b-sides stuff. You can't get too angry at me when its a b-side. This is the kind that is hard to get a hold of, even in the Age of iTunes. I wrangled up "Lorraine", "Los Angeles", and "Iceland" by the band OZMA. And for some unknown reason I had "Linda, Linda" by the Japanese punk band The Blue Hearts stuck in my head all friggin' day. Believe me, its very hard to have a song stuck in your head that you don't even know how to pronounce any of the lyrics. I love these songs, and have only had "Lorraine" in my playlist once upon a time thanks to music bounty hunter skills of my friend Victor. For some reason, that song disappeared into the mists of time between 2005 and 2008. The case was never solved.

Fast forward to this year, where Justin tells me about a way to grab YouTube music. There are websites where you can actually just rip the video and convert it into an mp3. This intrigued me, and I later endeavored to give it a shot. And the result is being listened to right now. "Iceland" is really rocking my ear drums right now. I've only heard the song twice before. AND NOW ITS MINE. For every time I hate the internet for all its madness and ignorance, it turns around and gives me these wonderful gifts. :-)

I had work this morning at Huntington Beach, but was finished far more earlier than I thought I would be. Kind of annoying, cuz I gipped myself out of money with my own competance. How's that fair? Argh. I headed home and ate lunch which was cous cous, a carrot, and a ham sandwich. Not the combination I would usually aim for, but that's what I had at hand. I checked my bank account and found out I better tread carefully till Friday pay day. Ugh. If any of you have extravagently expensive ideas for haning out, you might want to hold off till the end of this week.

Work at Norwalk was quiet. No big shoots. No big plans. Though we are going to be changing channels, so I had to go through each and every page of the bulletin pages for the channel and change the number. A little tedious. But I can listen to all the ill-gotten music I want to. So not a bad deal.


Nate Note!!!: The term "b-side" is slang for songs that are more obscure, or just not played very often. As to why they are called "b-sides", that's because way back in the past before the internet and cell phones there was an invention called "records." And on these records were stored music. Now these records had two sides: The "A-Side" and the "B-Side." Now, our parents would listen to these records, but they would get too stoned to turn the record over, resulting in many of these ancient people almost never listening to the other side. So as time went on, songs that didn't have heavy rotation would be referred to as "B-sides." Isn't learning fun?

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