Friday, January 29, 2010

The Pinebrook Seven

January 28, 2010:

I promised my friends Jamal and Jon that I would help them move out of their apartment, but before I get into that I need to tell you about the very odd conversation I overheard when I was depositing money at the bank this same morning.

I picked up my check from Lakewood the morning of the move, and headed to my bank. Once I got into the building, I could overhear an old man tersely talking to one of two tellers. The other teller was right next to them, and was available. It was hard to hear the words, but as I walked up to the other teller, I could hear the old man talking.

"I just don't get what the problem is," mumbled the old man angrily.
"Sir, its just that we can't give that much money in cash," answered the teller.
"But I'm a member! This is ridiculous," he complained.
"I'm sorry, sir, but a check or money order is all we can give you," explained the teller patiently.
"I just want $2000 in cash, damn it!" he quietly railed at her, "I'm trying to buy a car!"
"Yes, you've told me that sir," said the teller, "but we don't carry that much in cash, especially for the amount of people we have who come in to withdraw cash. I'm sure we can get our sister branch on *something* street to try and help you out."
"I just don't understand," he repeated over and over, "I'm a member, and I just need $2000 in cash. I just don't understand."

The teller that was helping me caught me almost start laughing, and shared an amused smile as she glanced over at the old man. We rolled our eyes at each other. Fellow humans sharing an experience with the bizarre. I'm pretty sure the old man did need $2000 in cash to pay off his bookie.

Anyways, that was my bank story.

I headed over to Jamal and Jon's apartment. The move had started in small bits by the point that I got there. It didn't really start until we ALL got there.


Jamal - Smart-assed Scientist with a heart of gold.
Jon - Cool-headed law student with an old soul.
Justin - A Film making Dynamo and stalwart friend.
Chris - Straight forward man of mystery.
Michael - A thinking man's man-of-action.
Ben - The original Pop Punk Cowboy.
And Nate - the legendary Bearded P.A. of Six Cities.

We stood as one against an Apartment split in two.

I feel like another ballad. I also like these because they help to sum up entire events in an amusing manner (for me, anyways).

The Pinebrook Seven

Seven friends rode out that day
To help each other in any way
And if the feat seemed too great to others
Not a word would the Seven say.

Jamal and Jon made the call
For help from those big and small
The Apartment would be defeated now
Or else the Seven would fall.

The stair steps reached into the teens
Daunting tasks with limited means
How could so few accomplish so many goals?
Bad luck hungry for grisly scenes.

Into the Apartment marched the seven
The scenario a madman's heaven
With danger eagerly waiting around ever door frame
All multiplied by a factor of eleven.

But no matter what stood in their path
Be it no handles, thirst, or bad math
The Seven would not stop in their mission
To clear out the domestic bloodbath.

The borrowed truck's ramp was broken
Breaks were needed to do some smokin'
The Seven's obstacles were many and intimidating
But not a word of quitting was ever spoken.

Steel handles of dollies were shattered
The strength of their bodies were battered
But these were all but small prices paid gladly
The Apartment's defeat was what mattered.

And fun was made with honest zest
And laughter bought with every jest
Pizza was eaten between all the sweaty work
"That's what she said," all would attest.

The first to achieve success was Jon
His furniture was the first to be gone
To the home of his childhood he would return
And law school would be his new dawn.

Finally, the last to be done was Jamal
His new home was nearly down the hall
He saved time for in Pinebrook he would stay
He lives in a one bedroom after all.

Of the Seven, none could know their fate
Save for what this humble writer could state
What can be said is that we will gather when needed
Unless we're busy with work, stuff, or a date.


Topics of Conversation @ Pinebrook: Polo shirts, Indian food, New York, lifting with your legs as opposed to lifting with your head, vegan cheese, being edgy, the Salvation Army denying perfectly disgusting sofas, unemployment checks, chucking furniture over balconies, cologne, etc.

Nate Note: Pinebrook is not the name of the apartment complex, but I just didn't want to go spilling Jamal's real digs on the net. So there.

Thanks for reading!


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