Saturday, January 9, 2010

Logan Made Perfect

Quote: "Leisure is the mother of philosophy." -Thomas Hobbes

Today was a day of doing very little. I did that well.

First, I watched Logan's Run. The whole concept of this movie is that in the future, no one is allowed to live past 30-years-old. (Oh crap, I only have 3 and a half years left!) It stars Michael York and is one of the most bizarre pieces of cinema I've ever seen. Honestly, the movie goes on and on, and has so many unintentionally funny moments, that I'm surprised it was ever finished being edited. They later introduce an old man character, and every scene with him FREAKIN' DRAGS! Seriously, the character just kills the movie for me. The best part of the movie, though, is each and every accidental moment of hilarity. I'd rent it for that, if I were you.

Second, I watched Made. This was written and directed by Jon Favreau, and he also co-starred with Vince Vaughn. The movie is kind of their artistic follow-up to Swingers. In the movie, they play best friends that should or shouldn't be friends anymore. Vaughn is the loudmouth, while Favreau is the more responsible friend. They have just gotten a chance to move up in a criminal organization, but they may not be able to complete the task, since Vaughn's character keeps getting them into deeper, and deeper trouble. Anyways, I enjoyed the movie, but was a little underwhelmed in the end. I might even blame everyone's acting in here. Everybody kind of felt like they were just saying the lines, and not really selling them. Except for Vaughn, but he was just doing his usual motormouth, so it felt natural from him.

And third, I finished off my movie binge with Perfect Blue. This is an animated thriller movie by Satoshi Kon, and will truly f**k with your head. The editing is pretty intense, and does a great job of leaving you just as disorientated as the main character Mima, as she seems to go slowly bat-s**t wacky tobacky. Did Ialways like being disorientated? Uh, NO. But, kudos to them for doing a good job of it. But I made a fatal error, and all my anime-watching friends will give me s**t for it, cuz I watched it with dubbed voice actors. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly good either. I was in a lazy mood (I mean, THREE movies, great googly-moogly!) so I didn't feel like reading and watching at the same time. Not a bad movie, though a little disturbing at times.
Besides the cinema overdose, I was slowly working on a little joke side project. I'll show something as soon as I have something to show.

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justinquizon12 said...

Never saw Logans Run. All I know of it is "RENEWAL! RENEWAL!"

Made-The cinematograpny was awesome in this, but I agree with ya, entertained but underwhelmed. Who would have guessed the same guy who directed this film would directed the awesomeness that is Iron Man.

Perfect Blue-I really loved this film. Mindfuck indeed. It would be globably famous if it was live action, but not everyone respects animation.