Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Is The Traitor

Sundays are always sad because they are not Saturdays. They will always have to deal with not being Saturday. They will always be less trusted because of the fundamental fact that they are not Saturday, nor will they ever BE Saturday. Because Sunday is the traitor. Its the knife wrapped in a smile. It lulls you in, makes you trust it. It takes its time making you comfortable, and gets you to lose track of time. Only to reveal that Monday is the next day!

Monday. The most reviled and hated day of the week!

Now you can see why they are next to each other. Notice how they are the only days that rhyme together. Sunday, bloody Sunday indeed.

I spent this mutinous Sunday first with my friend Aaron, who had done me the honor of converting some of my poems into actual songs. The one that came out the strongest was "Take Heart", and it was fun to play and sing. (Though the singing part might be a tad self-indulgent). :-) I wouldn't change anything about the melody and rhythm, but, ironically, I would like to change some of the lyrics. Well, if anyone is allowed to, it would be me.

I then caught up with Captain Josh for dinner and video games. We ate at a place called Jonny's and later went to Target to browse, and as seems to always be the case when I hang out with the Captain, talked about the most random of subjects.

Topics of Conversation @ Jonny's & Target: 1998 Game Magazines, Hunter S. Thompson and his lack of editing, SMASH TV, Yo-Yos, Wingtip shoes, Whether or not Punisher: War Zone is worth more than $9.99, Hulk VS Other Movies, shoe laces, Chuck Palahniuk's dubious life, how CONTRA got harder cuz we got older, fedoras, etc.

I headed home around 9:00 pm and put the finishing touches on the time-travel script. It LIVES! There are no more alterations to make to it. There are no more modifications or trimming needed. It is ready to blow your mind, and feed your soul.

Until the day of shooting, that is. Then all bets are off.

2010 is getting packed with ambition. I intend to shoot 3 projects (or more), I intend to submit scripts to shows, I intend to find out if I'm as good as I need to be. That last one is the scariest part for me. I've never fully put myself out there for critique and analysis, except to friends. But this is the year I fully expect to receive rejection letters, while hoping to make it through the door somewhere. Time to see what I've got.

See you on the other side.


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