Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dead Run

January 19, 2010:

Damn it.

Damn it, damn it, damn it.

WAY behind the schedule here. Had a late night talk with a friend. Needed to be done. And the talk's contents are classified, so there.

So I'll just tell you, in depth, about the friggin' badass dream I had the night before.


I call this dream/movie:


(I don't know why, just feels right).

As dreams are, the chronology is sketchy, but from what I could tell, it opened with me, in a wrecked airport. I was wearing a brown leather jacket with jeans and a flannel button up shirt(which always seems to leak its way into my wardrobe). I was just walking around, when I run into a woman sleeping among the abandoned luggage. As I piece out what the heck she's doing there, I suddenly grab one of the old suitcases and spin around to block a knife that had been thrown at me. I then block another knife.

I finally see the bad guys that threw the knives. There's four of them, and they look to be wearing ragged black clothes with cheap white masks, each with a different expression molded onto the masks: Angry, Sad, Happy, and Neutral. (So for brevity's sake, that will be their names).

I turn around toward the woman and say, "You might want to high-tail it, miss." (Yeah, not my best dialogue, but believe me, it fits the character well). She looks at me, both scared and guilty, and takes off through a shattered plate glass door.

I pull both knives out of the luggage and stride over to the Emotives (again, just a name I came up with right now). As I spin the knives in my hands, the Emotives throw another knife at me...

Bad move, guys! This is MY dream!

As I deflect the knife, I take out Sad with a slash to the chest, and punch Happy so hard he spins around to face Angry. Before Happy can recover I kick him into Angry, and they both tumble to the floor. I take them out fast and have to face Neutral. Neutral is the main threat, and we fight throughout the airport in an amazing brawl. His main weapon is a cleaver, and he quickly knocks both of my knives out of my hands. I then use all the objects around me (Jackie Chan style) to weaken him and then go in for some punches that rattle him and then...

He's beaten and I'm standing over him, holding the cleaver. Its like someone hit skip on the remote and we're at the end of the fight. Kind of jarring, but oh well.

I hear chuckling. I then spin around and throw the cleaver into the nearby shadows that the chuckles came from. The chuckles stop for a moment, and then continue again, with a giant of a man walks out with the cleaver buried into his chest. He's looking down at the cleaver, and calmly reaches up and pulls the cleaver out. He then wipes his blood off the blade on his pants and then looks up at me.

His name is Chuckles, and he's a cross between the Joker from the Dark Knight and Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. War paint is mixing with blood and all over his face and chest. He has an intense stare and and never stops chuckling. He does not smile, but the corners of his lips are always twitching.

I know this is the Main Boss of the whole dream/movie. My fists clench and then I'm in a bar.

(Yeah, somebody hit the skip button in my head again).

I'm walking in and looking around. Nobody in the bar stops talking, but they are all looking at me. I have some cuts and bruises, and my jacket is gone. I see some thugs sitting at a table, but they don't notice me. I pause as I stop by some chains that are on the walls, possibly for decoration. (Semi-skip) a chain wraps around the lead thug's neck as I drag him up and over a booth wall.

"Where is she?!" I yell at him. The other four thugs are racing around the booth.

"Gg-huyck!" chokes the main thug.

"WHERE IS SHE?!" I yell again. (Apparently the woman from the beginning is missing? Apparently I'm looking for her? Apparently this movie/dream isn't heavy with dialogue?)

One of the other thugs reach for me, and I punch him in the face with a fist wrapped in chain. (I have two chains! Dig it!) He goes down unconscious. and the other three open fire with some guns they happen to have. I use the main thug as a shield AND a battering ram as I smash into the midst of them. The main thug is shot dead, but utilizing the chain still attached to him, I use him as a huge yo-yo and hit everybody with him. (I am very strong in this dream). I shake the thug I knocked out with one punch awake. He tells me where the woman is and I head out, grabbing a shotgun and a bandolier of shells from one of the dead thugs.


I'm pumping and firing my shotgun in rapid succession into a giant train/truck, and low and behold an explosion knocks the traick to its side, skidding to a halt a few yards into front of me. As I grimly reload the shotgun a door on the traick slowly opens and Chuckles lifts himself out and then sits on the edge of the traick.

He stares at me with sickening intensity, and calmly says "I'm glad to see you made it."
I pump my shotgun, "No way I'd miss this," I say with a grin.

JUMP CUT and then I wake up.

WHOA. And that was my dream.


As for the rest of the 19th, I drove to work in the biggest rainstorm that Southern California has had in years. There was a ridiculous amount of water of water coming from the sky. I'm pretty sure the Gulf of Mexico was suspended over our heads. I will be the first to admit I wanted rain. But by "rain", I meant a gentle, calm whetting of the appetite. This storm that hit is overkill. Its like all my requests over the course of four years finally reached whatever was in charge of rain, and they decided to shut me the hell up.

They failed, cuz now all I'm commenting on is the magnitude of water. Suckers.


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