Friday, January 29, 2010

You Can't Complain About a $2 Theater

Today was chill. I met up with Justin to work out storyboards for the script. We came to the quick conclusion that we wouldn't know how to storyboard it till we actually knew what locations we would be shooting at. But some progress was made, and we felt like cool dudes for a second, so not a bad meeting after all.

We headed to Comics Unlimited so that I could actually do my comic run that I had missed out on. Wednesday had been filled with work, not sweet, sweet comic nirvana like usual. Nancy and Lainey were there, and we had a more quick chat than the standard monologues we normally enjoy throwing at each other. Justin and I left a little early to catch some food and a flick.

Topics of Conversation @ Comics Unlimited: Cat carriers, "Except In Bed" add-ons, honey, Evil Lainey, C.A.T. timeshares, giving children purple hair whether they want it or not, Sherlock Holmes, etc.

The movie we ended up watching was The Fantastic Mr. Fox at the $2 theater. It was directed by Wes Anderson, and anyone that is a fan of this director would have no problem discerning that fact. The other fact that was apparent was that we were truly at a $2 Theater, because most of the movie was spent with the top of the heads of characters being cut off by the screen. We would have complained, but it didn't feel worth the effort.

I mean honestly, it didn't even seem worth the principle of the thing. I'm going to go over and yell at somebody being paid minimum wage to make a cheap theater less cheap? I'd get my $2.50 back, yet I wouldn't achieve any feeling of accomplishment. I would only accomplish looking like a feeb. Go, Nate. Ugh.

Mr. Fox was actually pretty good. I enjoyed it, especially how unique it was. The dialogue and voice acting was sharp. And I laughed out loud often enough to not care about how cramped the seats were in that poorly designed theater. My knees never stopped caring, but my mind was occupied enough to ignore my leg's cries for mercy.

But I still need to catch Sherlock Holmes, damn it!


(Oh yeah, next Journal should be Part 3 of the Kitten Saga, and hopefully the finale. Stay tuned).

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