Saturday, February 27, 2010

Double Negatives Be Damned

So Friday was crazy busy. Ridiculous situation with an assortment of wacky times. How did Saturday do in comparison? Not bad, actually.

I had to wake up early again. 4:30 am. But I didn't have to wake up THAT early. I had accidently set the alarm to the same time as yesterday. Genius. Knowing myself, if I went back to sleep, I'd sleep right through work. So I stayed awake and listened to the rain that would possibly cancel the shoot for that morning.

The shoot was for Fountain Valley, and it was a 5K "Fun Run." Fun Run. Right. I ain't never had fun on a run, double negatives be damned. But we only needed to capture the Start and the Finish of the run. The other essential B-Roll footage was the Pancake Breakfast, booths that had been set up in the Gymnasium, and, the cherry on top of the shoot, the "Pet Prance."

Th Pet Prance was any dog and owner combo. Costumes were encouraged, especially if the owner and dog matched. Only one pair did matching costumes, a little girl and her dog "Raichu." Yes, as in the Pokemon. They dressed as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The costumes mostly consisted of wacky plastic wigs, hats, and paint splattered overalls. But hey, no one else did even THAT much.

My personal favorite was a little dog (shitzu?) wearing a mini leather jacket and a mohawk. The dog could not be less wrong for that look. Shitzus(?) should all be wearing bad sweaters, ugh boots, and sipping frappacinos. Its just not a badass dog like Lassie or that All Dogs Go To Heaven dog. After the shoot, I had morning/lunch with Joe, the dude I shot the 5K with. I owed him lunch from a previous work day. We went to Carl's Jr.

Topics of Conversation @ Carl's Jr.: Orange Sunshine, P.A. war stories, Barbara Streisand, The '60's, famous people, ponchos, using picnic tables to ski, other people's dads, etc.

Afterwards, I headed to Comics Unlimited to get my sweet, sweet fix of comic book ink. I had been getting shaky for a while there. That all sounded really intense, yet I ended up only buying two comics: The Walking Dead (#70) and Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island. I grabbed a late lunch with Lainey while I was there. (Two lunches, WTF? The first meal had been like breakfast, while this one was like "lunch" lunch and I'm just digging a hole). It was at a Chinese place that I want to call "Wok the Wok," but that might just be because I want a Chinese place to be called that.

Topics of Conversation @ Wok the Wok (?): Greedy people, singing deadites, the smell of eggs, everybody lies, a-hole photographers, variety hours, etc.

I headed to Buena Park to catch up with Justin, after picking up Patrick M. We wanted to watch Cop Out, and decided for a 7:35 screening at the Krikorian. Cop Out was not bad. It didn't knock me out laughing, but there were some good, honest laughs to be had. Willis and Morgan worked off each other a lot better than I had thought they would. I was really happy that they had decided to make Morgan's character an actual cop, instead of a moron that couldn't do anything right, which is usually par for the course when it comes to funny cop/buddy flicks. Sean William Scott was a a bit tiresome, but they stopped having him around when I was about to hit my limit. Kevin Smith can direct. The action was pretty well put together, and all the talking bits were perfect, since that's his specialty. All in all, I think Smith needed this movie more than I needed to see it, but well done, none the less.


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