Monday, February 8, 2010

Restless at 8:21 pm

Its a strange feeling to be restless.
Its not an easy feeling to quantify. You don't want to end the day, but you don't really know what will give you that satisfaction. I was hoping that I was not the only one that had that little brain-burner running around in their head, so I called a few people. Not many, though. I know how many have early morning work or school. I know that most didn't have that taste on their tongue. That toes-a-tapping need to not be right where you are.

If I had the money, I would have just kept driving till midnight. Burn the gas. But I need that gas to get to and from work. So my sensible self just patted me on the head and said to move along to a financially sound approach. I had some free tickets to the Krik in Buena Park, so my final destination was looking an awful lot like a movie. But what movie?

The choices are limited at 8:21 pm. Especially if you don't want to watch half the movies offered. I wanted something with explosions. Blow 'em up popcorn flick. The kind of movie that you watch some guy do maneuvers that would rightfully get him killed in any other reality. The guy that ended up with those probability defying moves would ultimately be John Travolta. The movie in question? From Paris With Love.

Right off the bat, this movie is better than I thought it would be. Its not great, but Travolta is enjoyable, and his interaction with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is surprisingly natural. What surprised me was the fact that Rhys-Meyers throws on an America accent the entire movie. This was a surprise mostly due to the fact that the whole movie is set in Europe. I figured it would be easier for him to have his regular Irish accent or something. Oh well, its not like American accents aren't easy to come up with. Even we don't know how the hell we're supposed to sound.

I would suggest this movie to anyone that would like to see a Buddy Spy flick, with a surprise ending to the "You Don't Have to Do This, There's a Better Way" speech. The resolutions are a bit quick and easy to come by, but once you come to terms with the fact that this is a European shoot 'em up flick, you feel much better. And really, the differences in Travolta's character and Rhys-Meyers' character give a fun chemistry to each performance.

So... see it if you feel like it, but I won't be hurt if you don't. Believe me.


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