Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eye By Four

I had a shoot in the morning at Lakewood, a Business Forecast, and then headed to Norwalk to finish the night. Not a thrilling day, but it did bring up a good question:

"Can anyone get a small business loan?"

Now for you who read my little meanderings, you'll have to bear with me as I am about to write completely from the hip, with no research, and absolutely no right to write about concepts that are out of reach of my little comic geek mind. But didn't the government stimulus go to the top of the executive elite, and then stop dead? It was supposed to go to banks, which were then supposed to give them to us. That hasn't seemed to happen. If fact, it seems as though they decided to stockpile the money, in case one of their yachts need a new coat of paint.

Say I own a small business. The name of the business is "The Infinite Imporium of Incredible Items". "Imporium" is spelled wrong because it would catch any potential customers' eye, also it implies magic, due to the "Imp" in Imporium. I will even have business cards that call it as "Ix4" (pronounced "Eye By Four") for the cool kids in the Know. It has been doing well. Not great, but I've made ends meet. I've even been able to pay off my original debt, and SHOULD have been in good standing, credit wise. But ever since the recession, the credit companies have been putting the screws to a lot of small businesses, mine included. Cutting back on credit limits, increasing interest rates, and generally being D-bags.

I don't owe money, but the credit companies have lowered my line of credit, making it impossible for me to have any form of financial cushion. But I still have funployees (they would even have to refer to themselves as "funployees") to pay, and expenses to be met. In what way am I supposed to turn to before I consider the exciting field of bank robbery? Steps need to be taken to make it so people can not only attempt to make new businesses exist, but that others have an equal chance to maintain their businesses.

Aw forget it. Just Eat the Rich.


On a complete side note, Ix4 would sell mostly comic books, french fries, and dreams. Also, it would have movie screenings and community film development deals. If interested in opening a franchise near you, please contact Nathan Schulz and give him a ridiculous amount of money.

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