Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Future According to My iPod

Today had a touch of productivity thrown into it. Ran around and got some errands done. But these were boring, bill-paying errands. Nothing to capture the imagination of the populace. I then went to work and shot a City Council Meeting that had something to do with back-patting and self-compliments.

As for the rest of this blog, I'm kind of at a loss. My brain is running fuzzy today, folks, sorry. So I think I will just play a game with this blog. I will grab my iPod and randomize my song list. I will then ask a question and push play. (I will type out the question beforehand). This is basically a sad choice for filler, but I didn't want to write a Half-Assed Entry quite yet. Let's see how this works out.

1. What will February bring me?
"I'm Impressed" by They Might Be Giants
Interesting. Being impressed all by itself might be a good thing. But who is being impressed? Am I? Or is it someone else? I am trying to be more ambitious this year. But this song has a dark edge to it. February could go either way.

2. Am I forgetting anyone in the shuffle of my life?
"Brown Eyed Girl" by Reel Big Fish
But most of my female friends have brown eyes! Oh man, this might actually be Janey. I owe her a Mix CD. Crap this could be anybody. But at least the song is upbeat, which might mean that I can still make things good.

3. Will I cast all the characters in my short this month?
"Oops" by The Special Goodness
Crap. Looks like Pat Wilson is telling me that I'm going to mess up again. Argh.

4. Will I have enough money to go to San Francisco this month?
"I'm A Terrible Person" by Rooney
Geez, February is looking really bad for me. Am I a terrible person because I'm such a broke-ass sucka?

5. What kind of person am I going to be by 2011?
"I'm Gonna Be Fine" by We Ragazzi
I just barely dodged Rooney's prediction! I may be fine, but not great. This song also sounds as though I'm going to be tested in 2010. We'll have to wait and see...

6. Is the beard working for me?
"Emperor's Theme" by John Williams, Star Wars
Ouch. Okay, I'm going to take this as I'm going to build an empire with my beard.

7. Should I know the truth of the future?
'Talking In The Dark" by Elvis Costello
I guess this means that I can keep asking the questions, but I should be ready and okay with the possibility that I might not get any answers.

8. Will I get a second job?
"M.I.A." by Foo Fighters
Okay, probably not. Or I do get a job, but lose it anyway.

9. What song should I sing at the next karaoke night?
"My Problem" by The Like Young
I actually would love to sing this, but there is no karaoke bar in the world that has this song available.

10. Do I have any friends that need to talk to me?
"Falling For You" by Weezer
Oh boy, I hope no one is being seduced by my bearded charm. I mean, how can anyone fall for a dude that says stuff like "bearded charm"? Or maybe they're falling for someone, and need to talk to me about it, probably just to have someone listen to them. On a completely side note, I love the hell out of this song.

11. Should I have a thirteenth question?
"Chase the Devil" by Eagles of Death Metal
Looks like I should. And it looks like it should be a demonic question.

12. Is my idea for a TV series actually good?
"Take It Or Leave It" by The Strokes
So its just a middle of the road idea. Neither good or bad. Huh. Maybe I should work on it a little more to make it better.

13. Would I be a kickass demon?
"Town Called Malice" by The Jam
Would I be a New Wave demon?

Well there you have it. Not the most inspired blog entry ever. But this month has just started. Until next blog!


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