Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Not Going to Blog About Valentine's Day

I woke up to soup.

Apparently my parents felt like making a "Cabbage Patch" Soup. Now I was uncomfortable with this name, because all I could picture was little children with cabbage leaves boiling in a pot. But I tried out the soup and was really impressed with the flavor. Turns out, those kids taste delicious!

I meandered a bit through the day because I didn't know what to do. I kind of didn't want to think about any particular events that are usually focused on every 14th of February. I struck upon some luck when Jamal called me and invited me over to his place to watch the All-Star Basketball Game for later that day. In the meantime, I offered my help to move his couch into his apartment, followed by listening to some Patton Oswalt stand-up.

As the All-Star game started up, more of Jamal's family came by, and they started cooking up a chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and asparagus. This was delicious food, which we needed to help counter the bitter taste of defeat as the West lost the All-Stars game. It was a close game though, so at least it wasn't a fiasco.

I've been writing these blogs later and later at night. This is a bad idea, mostly due to the fact that I've nearly fallen asleep during the writing of more than 5 already. The only time I've been able to come up with time to write these bad boys is late. Nearly clocking in at 2:00 am each time. I can't come up with really good material when I feel my mind drifting off into reverie. Reverie which usually consists of sweet oblivion.

I've actually considered locking myself away from the world tomorrow and just writing. Just damn the world to its usual antics, and let me finish something. That's what writers are supposed to do. But I've found some of the best stuff I come up with is while I hang out and goof off with friends. When I'm trying to impress someone or make them laugh is when I actually come up with stuff worth writing. But when I get around to sitting down and writing it, I don't know if its bouncing off the insides of my noggin' all that well.

Oh fiddlesticks! I'm just going to go ahead and dig myself into a hole. I'm going to write a poem, a short story, and outline a story tomorrow. There. I'm going to save and post this blog and blackmail myself with the fact that I just promised to write three different things tomorrow.

So here I go diggin' myself a hole.


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