Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Get More Reckless

As I went to Comics Unlimited today, I sang in my car all the way. I've been really curious if I can sing at all. As in singing in a band. Forget American Idol. No interest in being a First episode burnout, thank you very much. I know my limits THAT far, at least. But if I can carry a tune in a band setting, lead singer or not, just curious.

Well, perhaps more than curious, to be honest. I've had a friend converting some of my poems into songs, and it got me wondering about how well I'd do in an actual band. For fun, really, which would piss off an actual musician to no end. But its always been a casual interest of mine. (Right, who DOESN'T have this casual interest?) I wouldn't expect any actual success from this venture. Not musical or professional success, but perhaps some success in fun, hi jinks, and stories.

I have a ton of band Names. Let me know what you think:

Phantom Zone Criminals
Saddest Factory
Gunna Be A Princess
Titanic Mechanic
Hong Kong Tabloids
The W0okiees
Secret Origin
Squirrel Girl
The Mad Monk Mandolin
Quiet Robert

(I just love coming up with band names for the hell of it. Its amusing).

I think I want to get more reckless. The way I've been living doesn't lend for much in the story department. But isn't that always the way? The nice, dependable guy decides "excitement" and "spice" is either using more swear words and paying a bill late or taking a metric ton of crack and stealing a firetruck. The middle ground doesn't get much company. Either they don't change anything, or they flush their life down the toilet.

But the kind of reckless I'm talking about is more honest reactions and bold decisions. I'm still going to help awesome people find kittens (which I'll recklessly say is adorable). I'm still going to be just as nice to people as I've ever been. I'm still going to stop short of actually becoming an a-hole that deserves to have his head stomped in. What I'm going to aim for is seeking things out a little more. Ask the stupid question that I'm worried about asking. Talk my way out of stuff more. I once heard that its easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.

I always get these little bursts of wanting to change something about my personality. It usually comes down to not taking that chance that I should have. I kind of want to get into more trouble. But by trouble, I mean the kind that is funny and thought-provoking. Like a good episode of Saved By The Bell. Harmless and ultimately an in-joke.

I think I'm on to something here. Think back on your own life. Didn't the funniest, best times come out of doing something stupid or out-of-the-ordinary? Some of my favorite stories are from bizarre shoots I was on when I was randomly P.A.'ing in LA. And when I shot Proud Father. All the times that I was out of my comfort zone. Sometimes alcohol was involved, but most of the time, just being high on life. The kind of actions that you can only get away with via quick wit, dumb luck, and charm.

I will have to see how this develops.

In the meantime, for your enjoyment:

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