Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moody Brooding

Not all job fairs are created equal. In fact, some want to make you consider the quick thrill of suicide. In point of fact, I submit to you the Job Fair I went to in Garden Grove. I woke up early, for me anyways, and headed out wearing a buttoned-up shirt, nice pants, a tie, a smile, and the hopes and dreams of a young, jaded American male. I also brought along 20 resumes.

None of the 20 were used.

Instead of finding jobs that seemed solid, with the coveted upward potential of being able to move out of my parents' house, I found possible scams and shady occupations. And law enforcement. There's always law enforcement. In all honesty, I didn't find any job opportunities that CraigsList didn't already beat them to the punch and post. And as we all know, CraigsList is a hive of scum and villainy.

Dejected, I headed home, laid in bed, put on my headphones, and set my iPod to "moody brooding." (This consists almost entirely of the album "Sea Change" by Beck). One of my favorite lines is "Let the weight of the world drift away, instead." You said it, Mr. Hanson. I also listened to a morose mothertrucker that goes by the nom de plume "Big Phony." Big Phony has confessed that he may not know how to write happy music.

I looked at the clock and realized that I'd better hurry or I'd miss out on lunch with Lainey. She accused me of only wanting to hang out with Hemlock, her kitten. I laughed it off and assured her that that was wrong.

All lies, of course. Have you seen that kitten? KEWT. (And I even misspelled "cute" on purpose. I am so incredibly gay right now).

As I got to her place I realized that we probably would not know where to go for lunch. Friggin' what is the deal with that? No matter who, what, where, when, why, fuggin' HOW, I always have this problem with every one of my friends:

ME- "What do you want to get to eat?"
THEM- "I dunno. What do you want?"
ME- "Ummm... I'm. Not. Sure..."
THEM- "Oh."
ME- "What about you?"
THEM- "Oh..."
ME- "I don't want Indian."
THEM- "Uh. Burger?"
ME- "Cool. What place?"
THEM- "I dunno. What do you want?"

And its annoying, because I'm always down for Italian, but there is never an Italian place nearby. I have dubbed this the "Italian Restaurant Conundrum." I haven't done any real research on this phenomenon, but I'll get to the bottom of it. Lainey mentioned sushi and I agreed. Crisis averted... this time. I already forgot the name of the restaurant, but they had a cool deal of Buy An Order, Get One Free for sushi. You essentially double whatever you order. I got Crunchy rolls, and Lainey got Cucumber and Avocado rolls. I bought her lunch for her, so now she owes me. FRIENDSHIP: An intricate system of debt, whereby one or both parties constantly owe each other time and money.

Not bad sushi, by the by.

Topics of Conversation @ the Sushi Place I Can't Remember the Name Of: Photo shoots, hobo dirt, octopus and calamari, paychecks, a cat named Lux, methods of procuring money, Big In Japan, replacing the letter "i" with the letter "y", the fact that blood from 1980's Germany is no good in America, bicycling at night, cat videos, etc.

By the time we were done, I had to hit the dusty trails and head to work. (I was only able to hang out with Hemlock for a scant few minutes. Curses!) Norwalk was going to be a long day because I had to log tapes. Logging tapes... how do I put this eloquently? It sucks donkey eggs. Logging tapes entails writing down the info of each individual tape, put a sticker on each, and write a number for each. And I had to look through each tape that had cryptic titles. (For example- "Construction" 2009, or "Events" July, 2009). It took about five hours. By the time I was done, I couldn't look at a Mini DV without flinching.

Victor called me up and wanted to hang out. I picked him up from CSULB and headed to a place called the 49er Tavern. It was your basic tavern next to a college campus. The burgers were pretty good. But its probably not a place I'll be coming back to any time soon. We then headed to Yogurtland to chill out and actually talk comfortably, without having to yell over "Fuel" by Metallica.

Topics of Coversation @ Yogurtland: Victor of Zur-En-Arh, unexpected combinations, tests that you fail just by taking, tough lovin', Kevin Conroy, acid painting, "Silent Night, Robot Sex Night", editorials, how guys can't take pictures of girls on campus, FDA, etc.

I took off for home, feeling tired yet content. Busy day.


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